Sky Web 235

Sky-Web II® Fall Protection

The Sky-Web II® System is an innovative passive restraint system that protects workers from falls at the leading edge of a roof and provides a permanent roof insulation support system. The protection is provided by a "web" of knotted nylon mesh that is attached to the perimeter of the roof's secondary structural members. With minimal investment, Sky-Web II® increases safety, provides insulation support, reduces injury and is easy to install. Click here for more info.

Elam 100 235


The ELAMINATOR® 100/120 Series is a roof installation system that installs the facing first parallel with the purlins. Unfaced ELAMINATOR® insulation is then rolled out in between and/or over and perpendicular to the purlins. The 100/120 Series machines are best suited for small to medium-sized projects on roof slopes 3:12 and lower. The 120 Series machines can be used with Sky-Web II® fall protection. Click here for more info.

Elam 300 235


The ELAMINATOR® 300 Series, a mechanized roof insulation installation system, utilizes a platform assembly that advances down the roof, providing leading edge fall protection for the roofing crew. Click here for more info.

Optiliner 235

OptiLiner™Banded Liner System

The OptiLiner™ Banded Liner System is designed to maximize the thermal performance of light density fiberglass insulation in metal building roof and wall applications. The installed banding and fabric support system allows roof cavities to be completely filled with two layers of insulation with minimal compression. OptiLiner™ is NOT an OSHA-accepted fall protection system and is used in both new construction and retro-fits. Click here for more info.

Skyliner 235

Skyliner® Insulation System

Brighten your building and save lighting costs with Skyliner's brilliant, white fabric. Increase your building's energy efficiency and exceed energy codes with Skyliner's tested High R Value/Low U factor insulation system. Save time and money on construction costs with the Skyliner® System, designed for easier installation. Skyliner's exclusive Safety Clip, Banding and Fabric System meets OSHA standards for both passive-fall restraint and active-fall protection, meaning maximum safety for your workers. Click here for more info.

Baymax 235


BayMax® is one of the most thermally efficient systems available for metal buildings. LIghtweight BayMax® insulated liner panel is attached at underside of purlins using TEK screws. A single layer of unfaced MBI fiberglass backfills the purlin cavity. Several joint treatment options are available. Provides a clean, smooth finished appearance. Click here for more info.

Baylight 235

BayLight® Prismatic Skylights

Baylight® Prismatic Skylights offer the highest lighting performance of any standard domed skylight in the market. Baylight®, with higher visible light transmittance and optimal light distribution, produces daylighting which reduces up to 75% of daytime electric lighting. Baylight® reduces energy consumption resulting in lower utility bills and a cleaner environment. Click here for more info.

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